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XCR computer repairs Sydney services are unsurpassed and matchless in the market. Our goal is to provide hassle free and complete service to our clients. The level of service is unrivalled and our customer base would let you know our performance and efficiency. We assure you that our computer repair services are best in Sydney and our team of talented technicians ensure your system runs quickly and smoothly.  XCR screen repairs Sydney is there to take care of all your laptop screen repairs requirements. Find the following services rendered to our clients.


In case your computer has crashed; to replace it with new computer would cost you more. It is really expensive to go for a new computer. We offer you parts and repair warranty; if you purchase parts with us and if it gets repaired we will credit the part back to you off the price of new machine. This helps you to save money and you need not pay twice for repairs.


Before buying laptops or notebooks we request you to get in touch with us. Our recommendations are

  • Acer
  • Toshiba
  • Sony

Spare parts

You can get the genuine spare parts from us.  All are of top notch quality and once replaced will last for longer period without any problem. Also the parts sold to you come with warranty, in case of any failure we will replace the part at free of cost. We have wide range of spare parts with us that include stock power adapters, batteries, screens, keyboards, and also Microsoft products. The brands available with us are Acer, HP, Toshiba, and all other major brands.

Virus and Malware removal

We use AVIRA, AVG, Malware bytes, and Microsoft products to protect and clean your system from viruses and malwares. Computer viruses and malware are dangerous and can wreck your computers, laptops and notebooks. Viruses can affect almost all your computer operations. The antivirus software and malware bytes used by us are easy to install and are very effective. They have the ability to identify all the latest Trojans, malicious software and other harmful programs.

Recycling your computer

If you are planning to purchase a new computer and if you decide to purchase it from us, then you will get a brand new computer with two year warranty. Replacing your computer becomes easy and simple with us.

  • Transfer of data: we will transfer all the photos and documents and data files
  • Old computer recycled:  We will recycle your old machine by pulling out your old drives.
  • Your programs installed: We install only the original software and CDs and do not install copies or pirated software.

In case you plan to throw away your computer, we request you to call us. We recycle your computer, dismantle it and work on each part to use it again. XCR computer shops Sydney would sell it in the second market or would make it available to the charity organisation or low income individuals.

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