Trade in your old Computer Now We will give you a minimum of $100 off the price of your new computer, if you trade in your old computer today, on a new computer built by Express Computer Repair Call Now to discuss this great offer 1300663412

Before you go to Harvey Norman, JB-HIFI, Office Works call us, we have sold Parts to these companies before and we know first hand who looks after you and who just sees you as a number on the sales report, contact us to find out which one will save you money and which one will give you the best deal , We know all the suppliers in Sydney so our price guidelines will help YOU save, save, save

Express Computer Repairs Carlingford

Our new desktop systems are exceptional machines all come with 2-year warranties and all use Genuine Windows 10

Our recommended Brands
We only recommend Laptops that we know you as the customer, will be cared for afterward, after 18 Years we have discovered that some manufacturers make it almost impossible for us to get parts and give good after sales service on warranties.
We do not recommend Lenovo, because Our own personal experience with Lenovo has not been helpful in the past with after sales service and support, In fact on one particular client’s case, we made 15 calls to the Chatswood head office of Lenovo and in the end, gave up trying to get parts for one customer’s computer.
Until Lenovo places a part & repair center presence in Australia, we will not recommend them to our clients, please ask your salespeople before buying this unit where do I get after sales service if this unit breaks down?

Hewlett – Packard Having used Hp now for over 15 years I can honestly say they have been exceptional, the computers and parts side of the company speaks for itself, they are always quick to reach out with help and calls backs to ensure they remain competitive , HP has shown tremendous initiative on customer service and for this we recommend them to our Customers, The last time I checked they were using AWA service Centre for repairs and they were in South Parade Rydalmere, to book your commputer in for repair with them bring it to us, we have direct contact with a Rep in at HP and we can usually turn these around pretty quickly, great service and great support strongly recommend them.

Acer computers gave our company the right to sell its spare parts between the period of 2009 and 2011, such an experience gave us tremendous insight into how these companies work, the range of Acer Products is extensive and the last time we checked, they did there own in-house repairs here in Australia. The team at Acer go the extra mile for after sales service again this is my second choice of computer brand, as for reliable computers they are built well and last a long time.

Dell desktops sadly this company has lost my confidence. they try hard but they the ability to buy parts from them is almost mind-numbing, all of Dell products come with product tags and if Dell doesn’t have you as the original owner they the chances of you getting parts is very rare indeed, my advice stay clear of them until Dell lift is game, the amount of complaining phone calls to Dell have exceeded my count, I simply do not recommend them and steer all my customers from them.
Recycling your computer

Please use extreme caution when buying a computer from eBay or Gumtree< /h1> online sellers have been a nightmare for many of us Customers, with faulty machines, no return policies, battles over paypal refunds

Replacing your computer is made simple by Express Computer Repairs, Let’s work together and save Gods great garden from e-waste.

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