We at Express Computer Repairs in Carlingford have experienced technicians who can handle all your notebook and laptops repairs. Express Computer Repairs Carlingford has serviced over 4000 Customers since 2018, Our Customers are the reason why we have stayed in Business for so long. Our fast turnaround time, prompt delivery and the terrific customer service is the key to our success. With the huge number of screens on the market Our suppliers can handle any kind of laptop screen request and screen replacement within 1 week.

Besides laptop and notebook screen replacement, we also deal with keyboard replacements. Keyboards are easily prone to damage.

Why choose us for laptop and notebook screen replacement

There are ample reasons to use our services. First is our prompt delivery, on request we collect the repaired system and deliver the system back within 24 hours of time. The prompt service and utmost care towards screen replacement make us different from other service providers. We extend our service in and around Sydney and all our parts come with warranty period.

We have almost all the brand screens with us so that it is easy for us to process your request soon. Whether it is cracked screen, dim light, liquid damage (beverages spills) we do the best screen replacement for you, in the quickest time. We at Express Computer Repairs support almost all replacement of different brands.

Malware Removal

Trade in your old Computer Now We will give you a minimum of $100 off the price of your new computer, if you trade in your old computer today, on a new computer built by Express Computer Repair Call Now to discuss this great offer 1300663412

Before you go to Harvey Norman, JBHIFI,Office Works call us, we have sold Parts to these companies before and we know first hand who looks after you and who just sees you as a number on the sales report, contact us to find out which one will save you money and which one will give you the best deal , We know all the suppliers in Sydney so our price guidelines will help YOU save, save, save

In the last two decades computer security and virus protection have changed rapidly, The biggest threat to home computers now is malware.Most of this Malware comes out of places Like North Korea and Russia, you need products that will deal with these threats products that are made locally , Avira is German made for German businesses so it goes that extra mile, We recommend “MalwareBytes” For AntiVirus software we recommend Avira, we have such confidence in Avira we give the free version to our Customers to try. Previously a normal virus scanner was sufficient to protect computer but today the increased number of hackers and entry of numerous viruses created a need for a sophisticated antivirus to safeguard computers.

We use Antivirus software that works and so these products earn our endorsement. These antiviruses have a unique way of working and ultimately destroy all the viruses, malware and other malicious programs in order to protect your desktops, laptops and notebooks.

Malware Removal                   

Malware is not going to end soon, as malware is evolving day by day and growing extensively. Owing to its rapid development, it’s really hard to detect and difficult to remove. You can get rid of malware only by using sophisticated anti-malware techniques

Malware bytes is an anti-malware tool which is designed to search, kill and prevent malware. Malware bytes has proven track record of removing all the types of malware including Trojan, adware, root kids and spyware. They offer you a complete protection and keep your computer safe.

Your Computer, from the cradle to the grave

At Express Computer Repairs we build New computers and we also recycle our old ones, Our recycling is done locally and if your computers are of some value still we make sure places like Papua New Gunia and other island communities that cannot afford such items receive these items working for free We also indulge in recycling your computer. Instead of sending the computer and accessories to landfill, you can recycle your computer.

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