Recycling your computer

Recycling Your Computer

E-waste is the huge issue doing the rounds. Usually we prefer the latest and newest leaving pile of old parts to the environment. According to the recent study, each year Aussies buy millions of computers and parts replacing the existing systems. In 2007 -2008, 16.8 millions of e- waste reached their end of life and this figure is expected to reach 44 million in the years to come. By recycling your computer, cables and other computer peripherals, actually you are helping to minimize the e-waste disposed to the landfill. With XCR computer repair Sydney, you can take part in disposing your e waste effortlessly without harming the environment.

What is happening during Computer Recycling?

Usually the computers and other peripherals taken from you are refurbished with replacement parts or with new software.  These revamped computers are made available to charity organisations, low income individual or communities who can’t afford a brand new computer.  The computer waste collected from you goes through manual dismantling process.  The materials which are separated such as cabling, circuit boards and other peripherals are processed to be used as raw materials to develop new products.

Though all the discarded computers and parts are recycled and sold or given to second hand market, still some amount of discarded parts do go to the landfill. In order to avoid producing computer waste, you should frequently change your computer and accessories.

Why recycling is important

Besides being waste materials, these old parts actually harm the environment. For instance old version of cathode ray tubes (CRT) are harmful as these monitors contain high toxic materials. In this case, disposal becomes essential to safeguard the surroundings. When most of the computer parts are sent to landfill, the chemical components in the computer parts such as cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead could leash out and harm the atmosphere. Call us anytime to recycle your computer to safeguard the atmosphere and allow people to enjoy a clean environment.

Erase your data or transfer your data

Before you sent the computer to recycle ensure that you safely wipe all the personal and official information present in your hard drive. Just clicking the “delete” button isn’t sufficient. We do the deleting or transfer of date for you safely and securely. Whether it is personal or official we transfer the data from the hard drive to the new system or any other device based on your preference.

What we do

We at XCR Notebook repairs Sydney accept all laptops, notebooks and other computer and accessories for recycling. We come to your doorstep to collect the old computers and dismantle it safely and securely.  We transfer the data or delete it from the hard drive and use the individual materials to produce another product which is sold in the second market, or made available to charity organisation and low income individual. As a service provider we contribute to the environment by recycling your computer in the right way instead sending every accessory to landfill. With us on your side, replacing your computer becomes a simple and easy task.

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