Laptop Repairs

XCR laptop repairs Sydney are experts in laptop repairs and services. Notebook repairs Sydney has team of skilled technicians and is well known for its expertise and has a proven track record. Laptop repair is not child’s play; it needs extensive understanding of the electronics and technicalities involved in laptop repairs. Usually many would start to fix the problem of their laptops without any professional knowledge. We advise not to take the risk of fixing the problem by yourself. Seek the help of Computer repair Sydney team to rectify your laptop problems. Our team has the required tools and the good amount of workmanship allows us to give you the best repair services.

We take care of the all the laptop repairs that include broken screens, virus removal, liquid damage, and other general maintenance.  We handle repairs of almost all the brands namely Apple Mac book, Acer, Dell, Compaq, Asus, HP, and Toshiba. Beside this we even handle table device repairs like Apple iPad.

Laptop LCD Screen Repair

At XCR computer shops Sydney, we fix all the LCD problem that include no backlight, dim LCD, no image, distorted display and faint LCD. In case you come with a cracked LCD or need a new one, you can choose from the various laptops’ LCD screen bands available with us to fix your system.  XCR screen repair Sydney offer genuine screens and offer the same P/N and brand as required by your system.

Laptop’s Motherboard Repair

Our team is capable to handle motherboard faults caused due to defective electronic devices. These components usually not get repaired by conventional techniques. However computer repair Sydney with its pool of talents and skilled team easily diagnose and rectify such faults.

Data Recovery

We are capable to handle professional data recovery for the various media types which include memory sticks and hard drives.  Whether physical or logical we render services to all types of malfunctions or damage.

We extend our services throughout Sydney including the suburbs. Our huge customer base makes us stand out from rest of the companies. We have specialized in handling repairs and upgrades in almost all the laptop brands including Dell, IBM Lenovo, Sony Vaio, HP, Acer, Apple Mac book, and Compaq and other laptop brands available in the market. Unlike other services we do not just order a new board instead we handle all kinds of hardware repairs at component level.

We cater both home and business and can come to your doorstep for pick up and assured delivery without 24 hours of time.

  • Our hardware repairs are:
  • Laptop not turning on
  • Dim or dark Laptop LCD screen
  • Problem with LCD screen
  • Problem with backlight and inverter
  • Problem with GPU/Distorted display/Graphics card problem
  • Mother board failure or malfunction
  • Over heating of laptop
  • Memory upgrades
  • Component level mother board repair and almost all the laptop repairs are handled by us.

Our software repairs are:

  • Data and file backup services
  • Virus Removal
  • Operating system upgrades
  • Low working laptops solutions
  • Laptop driver’s installation and all software repairs encountered by your laptop.

Do not wait; call XCR laptop repairs Sydney right away to provide solution for your laptop repairs.

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