Screen Repairs

Whether you need single laptop /notebook/ desktop screen replacement or multiple screen replacement XCR screen repairs Sydney can do this for you. The fast turnaround time, fabulous customer service and wide range of screens available makes XCR computer repairs Sydney the most preferred service provider for screen replacement.

Why us

There are many reasons for you to choose us as your service provider. Foremost is out turnaround time, you need not wait for many days to start your routine work. We fix the problem and deliver the computer within 24 hours. We have a gamut of models so that you can be rest assured that we are replacing your computer with the right model. At present we support approximately 15000 laptops of 35 different models.  We also take utmost care to deliver your computer safely.  Each of the system is custom packaged to make sure safe transit; this brings in high level customer satisfaction from you clients.

In order to provide complete satisfaction, we offer warranty on all the screens purchased from us. In case you are not happy with our purchase, you can return the model which is in same condition and exchange with your desired model.


Once you have decided to replace your screen, just call us and we would do the task for you within a day. You can also call our agent anytime who will explain you in detail about the various models that would suit your computer.

What you can expect from us

  • Very professional and prompt screen repairs
  • Whether a small or large business we ensure to give the personalized service and not just a callout.
  • We are ready to do the repair at your home otherwise we also collect the computer from your doorstep and will send it you within the turnaround time.
  • We offer affordable and competitive rates to our clients making us unique among other service providers.
  • All screen purchased from us come with warranty.
  • Our company is proud that we are locally owned and are servicing in and around Sydney.

Cracked laptop and notebook screen

Laptops and notebooks are subjected to some kind of problems. It can easily suffer damage as it is very delicate and even a small knock or crush can make a severe damage to the screen. LCD screens, sometime simply have spots and lines; the screen would appear dark and at times there would be absolutely no display.  We are there to rectify all the screen problems and we return great laptops with its same glory as before in no time.

Different kinds of screen repairs

All computers and laptops are not the same; they vary in size, shapes and types. Our PC repairs Sydney with their immense knowledge would figure out the perfect match for your laptop and computer. Whatever is your requirement, matte or glossy, LCD or LED, square or widescreen we provide the right solution to your laptops, computers and notebooks.

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