Virus/Spyware Removal

We at XCR computer virus repairs Sydney have specialized in computer virus removal. We are capable of removing even the most advanced types of viruses and malwares. The repairs are done without disturbing the data and there is absolutely no requirement to re install the operating system.  Initially you should know the symptoms of virus infection.

  • Firstly the system becomes slow and non responsive most of the times
  • While you start the program unnecessary applications or programs would be executed.
  • You will receive Email attachments with unknown and unrelated extension
  • Existing antivirus had stopped working
  • Windows unable to boot
  • Unable to stop pop-ups and ads repair
  • Unable to install new programs, applications and antivirus
  • Computer failure of memory
  • Repeated restarting of the operating systems

If you encounter any of the above symptoms, contact XCR computer repair Sydney to help you and overcome the problem. We use the following antivirus to get rid of the virus in your computer.

AVIRA antivirus

Solid malware protection is offered by AVIRA antivirus in 11 different languages. This antivirus software comes with complete features that include anti- rootkit technology, email protection, specialized web and anti phishing.  Bootable rescue CD is the premium feature in this antivirus software which offers great help during any kind of system troubles. Its configurable net book feature makes sure that the scanner works well in a system with limited resources. AVIRA supports Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 both 64 bit and 32bit versions as well as SP4, and Windows 2000.

Malware bytes

Malware bytes are one of the best programs to protect from viruses, worms, Trojans and other malicious code. It’s an effective freeware and anti malware tool which is fast malware remover capable of scanning about 8 minutes with the other high source programs running parallel.


AVG antivirus is a better overall program to safeguard your computer.  Scanning is faster with this antivirus, and it gets installed quickly. The newer version of AVG is really faster and has a great performance.  This program can be installed quickly; that is within 5 minutes the program is ready to use.

Microsoft products

Microsoft antivirus has proven to be very effective and protects your computer from malware, viruses and other harmful programs.  This software can be downloaded for various Windows operating system such as Window XP, Windows Vista and 7. Overall performance of Microsoft antivirus is very high.  It sports a user friendly and intuitive look which attracts the users. Graphics user interface in this software is the easiest and simple interface ever available in antivirus software. It also features a simple color system to know the software scanning status where red implies bad and green implies good.

We at XCR laptop repairs Sydney do a perfect job to keep your system safe from viruses, malware and other harmful programs. Besides this, recycling your computer is also possible with us. We assure you that we dismantle every part without leaving much e waste to the landfill.

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